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Wednesday, 8.02.2023
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The NSW government’s Smart Western City Program is a finalist in the World Smart City Awards. Victor Dominello

The international awards recognise innovative city strategies and projects designed to make cities more sustainable and inclusive.

This year, judges received 337 proposals from 60 countries.

The government says the Smart Western City Program, which outlines the infrastructure and resources needed to make the Western City Parkland a “future focused and digitally enabled” city, aims to transform the region into a global leader in smart cities technology.

It identifies high-capacity conduit, common access ducts, a network of smart poles and smart street furniture as foundations for the future city.

The program, listed in Infrastructure Australia’s 2021 and 2022 High Priority Lists, outlines the need for long-term investment, and partnership procurements with local councils and the private sector.

It’s currently in delivery with around $10 million of Smart Places Acceleration Program initiatives underway.

New solutions to old problems

Digital government minister Victor Dominello says the government has been seeking to find new solutions to old problems like roads, air quality and urban heat via smart technology, and the Smart Western City Program is its flagship program.

“We want to scale our successes to make sure all communities benefit and no one is left behind,” he said in a statement.

It comes as the government unveiled its SmartNSW Roadmap which includes 14 actions between 2022 and 27 to support the adoption of technology and data solutions.

The actions include:

  • making digital connectivity and procurement easier for state and local government
  • using digital tools and technologies to plan, design, construct and operate government infrastructure
  • embedding digital technology in new developments and redevelopments
  • sharing live data and insights
  • delivering flagship programs in Greater Sydney cities
  • boosting everyday technology and data skills

Winners of the 2022 World Smart Cities Awards will be announced at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona on November 16.


Quelle/Source: Government News, 04.11.2022

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