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Sunday, 26.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

IfG.Transfer has extensive experience in providing demonstrations and presentations of e-solutions, as for example citizen service offices, e-kiosk solutions, mobile citizen services, telelearning, e-police, e-voting and similar projects. From real-world examples of implemented applications and solutions, participants learn the advantages of eGovernment and ICT in general. It is also possible to observe electronic procedures on a real-time basis and to discuss the implemented applications and projects with staff and users.

Demonstration visits to examine real-life eSolutions

The G-Academy has extensive experience in organizing insightful visits to learn about real-life eSolutions such as one-stop shops for government services, kiosk solutions, mobile citizens’ services, electronic document management, telelearning and similar projects. Participants from different levels of government have the opportunity to view such projects, observe the operation of the project in real-time, and to meet with employees and users to discuss its implementation, application and benefits. Beyond everyday citizen services, such visits for politicians and senior executives can focus on specific issues, such as eHealth, public safety, social affairs, or records administration, or may offer an overview of an assortment of eSolutions. For example, we are able to offer guided tours for police departments demonstrating the public safety potential of new ICT applications.

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