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Wednesday, 19.06.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

IfG.Transfer offers guided study tours which are customized especially to meet the needs of decision makers at the local or national level. The main purpose of these study tours is to provide decision makers with insights into the newest eGovernment developments in other countries and regions. The study tours are targeted to the specific groups and can be arranged throughout Europe. We also possess particular expertise in the organization of study tours to Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

IfG.Transfer possesses special experiences in eGovernment strategy talks at the ministerial and deputy ministerial level, either relating to specific technical subjects or to certain policy areas, such as law enforcement, the law system, health, e-research promotion, e-regional policies, e-voting, e-identity and the protection of critical infrastructures, to name a few.

Study Tours for decision-makers

The G-Academy also offers customized study tours for decision makers in local or national government. Such tours offer a combination of instruction, discussion and debate, meetings with experts, government experts, eGovernment solution providers, and demonstrations of operational eGovernment solutions. They are tailored to fit the level of expertise of the participants, and are offered to participants from Europe and around the world

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