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Thursday, 19.05.2022
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
The Ministry of Information, will today launch the first component of the Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE), a four-part ICT initiative that will positively impact all sectors of the society.

GATE will ensure that Antigua & Barbuda maintains its dominant position as an ICT leader in the Caribbean, as the country becomes more advanced in the ICT and Telecommunications sectors.

The first component of GATE is an ICT Cadet programme, which provides an opportunity for young people interested in working in information technology (IT) related fields to acquire technical skills, as well as to gain valuable workplace experience.

Minister of Information, Dr. Edmond Mansoor said that as a result, some 250 Antiguans and Barbudans will be positively impacted by the project.

“It is envisaged that several cadets will proceed onto a path of self-entrepreneurship or pursue higher education,” Dr. Mansoor said.

Through GATE, ICT Cadets will work in the Community Computer Access Centres and ensure that they remain open Mondays through Fridays until 9 pm to service the 32 communities where they are located.

They will also work on the mobile IT buses and assist in maintaining these networks.

ICT Cadets will undergo intensive hands on training in computer repair and upgrades, computer diagnostics, preventive maintenance, software installation and diagnostics, and cell phone repairs.

Additionally, suitable cadets will get hands-on training in the New Media Unit in areas that will cover video filming, video editing, graphic design and new media techniques, including development of websites and web marketing.

The operations of Central Government will also be positively impacted, as GATE will propel forward the e-Government agenda as the government improves the way it provides services to the citizenry.

“The Ministry of Information has begun implementing a master plan that will see the deployment of advanced wireless Technologies to all secondary school students both in government and private schools. We are well on the way to preparing our Antiguan and Barbudan students to fully take advantage of the economic opportunities offered by the knowledge economy,” Dr Mansoor said.

The opening ceremony will be broadcast live on ABS television from 9:30 am.


Quelle/Source: Caribarena Antigua, 14.06.2012

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