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Sunday, 26.05.2024
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In Neiva, the National Registrar Alexander Vega Rocha and the President of the Collegiate Union of Colombian Notaries Eugenio Gil Gil, signed an agreement that will allow the digital transformation of the Civil Status registry to continue, that is, Colombians will be able to access their birth records, marriages and even divorces through a web page.

Diary of Huila

During his visit to Neiva Eugenio Gil Gil, President of the Collegiate Union of Colombian Notaries, for the National Meeting of Notaries, spoke exclusively for Diario del Huila, about the details that will allow Colombians to access more easily and from anywhere in the world to their records and acts with the Civil Status.

What does the signing of this agreement consist of?

“This has been a work of several years that we have developed between the National Registry and now with the help of the Colombian Notary Public, who is the one who keeps the protocol of the birth records. What we are going to do is share our databases on a digital platform so that the records of marriage, divorce, parental authority, all these records are on a digital platform available to all citizens, who will be able to access this information from any part of the country and the world”.

What kind of documents will Colombians be able to access?

“Work is underway to have a series of digital kiosks located, so that citizens do not have to go to a Registry or Notary office, to be able to request a civil birth registry, likewise marriage records, the same with the records of all the acts that have to do with the Civil Status, can be obtained in the same way through this digital platform from any notary in the country”.

At what stage is this process of digitizing records?

“We are waiting for all the logistics, the training that has to be done for all the staff of the country’s notary offices, in addition, a whole policy is being designed for these trainings. Once we complete this phase, this digital platform will immediately start operating.”

Will there be any cost to access these documents?

“The registration of the acts of the Civil Status, has no cost for the citizen, but the issuance of the copies does have a cost, which is set by the National Registry, taking into account all the costs that a service of this nature demands” .

Will it be possible to access digitally the records made since what year?

“To the extent that the database is being fed, we have started with the records that are raised in forms from the year 70 onwards. Then the records of books that were the old ones are being made slowly because their digitization is more difficult.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Maria Camila Mosquera Martinez

Quelle/Source: Breaking Latest News, 29.01.2023

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