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Friday, 19.04.2024
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Called MiCa, the vehicle developed by Auve Tech, is equipped with seven lidar sensors and 10 cameras and has been designed for use in all weather conditions.

Estonian tech company Auve Tech is launching a next-generation self-driving shuttle that allows driving in various weather and traffic conditions.

ch has already agreed a strategic collaboration with SoftBank subsidiary Boldly to develop a Japanese-specification model of the vehicle, with a view to having it running on public roads by the end of 2023.

Lidar sensors

Called MiCa, the vehicle is equipped with seven lidar sensors and 10 cameras, which Auve said enables it to see further than the previous model and provide 360-degree visibility of its surroundings.

Additionally, Auve reports that the risk of errors has been minimised with the help of doubled critical systems on board to guarantee reliability in all situations. It also has cybersecurity features built in.

“Our autonomous vehicles have been transporting passengers in 12 countries, in most of them on public roads,” said Johannes Mossov, CEO of Auve Tech.

“These international collaboration projects have helped us make improvements in both software and hardware to excel in the autonomous driving front. The new generation also helps ease the process of integrating autonomous vehicles into a variety of environments.”

The climate of Auve Tech’s home country allows it to test the vehicles in different environments ranging from heavy rains to thick snow.

Taavi Rõivas, chairman at Auve Tech, added: “There is strong interest for MiCa in countries that are densely populated. The spacious MiCa is electric and suits well in urban environments while being compact but providing space for more passengers than a regular passenger car.”

Boldly has being researching more than 30 different autonomous mobility types around the world. MiCa will be connected to its Dispatcher operational management platform and the companies will collaborate on bringing level 4 mobility solutions to Japan.

“Boldly will operate Auve Tech’s mobility in cooperation with Japanese transport operators, aiming to realise the government’s target of ‘implementing autonomous mobility services in 40 regions by 2025’, and contributing to sustainable public transport,” said Yuki Saji, CEO of Boldly.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 02.11.2022

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