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Thursday, 8.12.2022
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The Visual Non-Visual Network (V.O.) has come up with a project to make Smart City more inclusive for blind people in Malta, while also turning the area into a greener space.

“This project originated because our blind members were always curious to visit and understand what is Smart about Smart City. Eventually, we came to the understanding that there is nothing really Smart about Smart City,” the V.O. told Lovin Malta.

This is part of the V.O.’s project that aims to create new opportunities that prioritise inclusion of blind members, and this year’s research project will be centred around the Kalkara technology park, SmartCity.

“We understand that blue stickers, ramps, braille buttons in the lifts, Bars and Cafes can be found everywhere in Malta, not only in SmartCity.”

“However, we are concluding our idea on how to develop a ‘visual non-visual blue and green space’ within Smart City and its surroundings,” they continued.

This space will be an area that will incorporate non-visual inclusion within the concept of SmartCity. The V.O. also explained that it will boost popularity and tourism both in SmartCity Village and in Xgħajra.

Member of the network Liam Stafrace further came up with the idea of developing Topiary Gardens which is the ancient practice of shearing evergreen shrubs and trees to bring unique shapes and structure to a garden.

This, V.O. explained, will help balance the dehydration impact in SmartCity caused by concrete development while also implementing new gardening education and job skills on the island.

Stafrace shared his plans with the Xgħarjra Local Mayor and the CEO of the Films Studio Facilities, maintaining that it will boost the area’s greenery potential and put Xgħajra on the “entertainment map”.

“Liam Stafrace further said that government ministries, their authorities, colleges, and agencies should shoulder joint efforts regarding social inclusion missions.”

“They should also give him this challenging role for the good of the country,” they concluded.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ana Tortell

Quelle/Source: Lovin Malta, 23.08.2022

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