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Wednesday, 19.06.2024
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The City of Johannesburg says it seeks to enhance the standard of living for each and every one of its citizens.

This will be done by deploying smart city infrastructure, such as CCTV cameras, interactive panic buttons, and electronic signage, to enhance road traffic enforcement, law and by-law enforcement, the detection, prevention, and investigation of crime, disaster mitigation, licensing-related services, and services relating to medical and fire emergencies.

The Public Safety Department of the City of Johannesburg and VumaCam Proprietary have signed a memorandum to set rules for how VumaCam and the city can collaborate so that the City can use the experience, knowledge, and resources provided by VumaCam to enhance the level of safety it provides to its citizens, according to Xolani Fihla, spokesperson for the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD).

"This involves building a safe and secure city, which calls for cooperation and partnerships with a range of stakeholders, including those who can offer CCTV and related smart city infrastructure and services."

"VumaCam is a licensed Electronic Communication Network Service (ECNS) that offers centralized video management solutions by carefully positioning high-tech cameras throughout entire suburbs on a solid fibre network to guarantee a constant, dependable, and high-quality feed."

"Their system architecture enables intelligent video analytics, from license plate recognition to the real-time detection of abnormal activities, and they serve security companies, residents, and property owners who want to build better suburb and city security through advanced technology."

"The City, through its Public Safety Department, owns, operates, and monitors existing CCTV infrastructure in the city and is looking for new and better ways to manage its current CCTV systems, benefit from systems owned and operated by private entities, such as VumaCam, and roll out new infrastructure with a view to realising its smart city ambitions," said Tebogo Modiba, acting head of the department responsible for public safety.

"This project is a great example of how private sector technology and best practices can fast track our public service goal to better support the city’s residents without using public funds, but rather leverage existing cutting edge technology that is highly effective and provides a well maintained and regulated network."

VumaCam CEO Ricky Croock said: "We are excited to see the Public Safety Department embrace technology to enable the City of Johannesburg to better support the public with critical service delivery while also providing the JMPD with essential crime fighting, prevention, and support capability.

"This project will extend, advance, and accelerate the move to a smart city by providing the city's Integrated Intelligent Operations Centre ("IIOC") with access to the latest technology and smart city-related services.

"As it relates to crime detection, prevention, and investigation, moving violation monitoring and detection, by-law monitoring, particularly with regard to parking by-laws, infrastructure insurance claims, trading by-laws, taxi by-laws, advertising by-laws, waste and dumping by-laws, water use by-laws, public open space by-laws, and improved traffic flow intelligence and planning."

Croock added that they look forward to the Public Safety Department being a key player in creating a safer Johannesburg and being better supported through CCTV and technology in their law enforcement and public safety duties.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Nonhlanhla Ndlovu

Quelle/Source: msn, 15.03.2023

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