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Thursday, 8.12.2022
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The new system is expected to improve the city’s business processes ensuring that it delivers quality services optimally.

The City of Ekurhuleni announced that it will soon implement a new meter reading system that has been developed to allow its customers to directly send their water and electricity meter readings to the municipality on time.

According to metro spokesperson Zweli Dlamini, this is in line with the city’s vision of being a smart city and enhancing the customer experience of its residents.

“Consumers will be able to capture their meter readings through a mobile meter reading portal on the MyCoE App. They will also be able to read their own meters on a regular basis as and when a cycle to read the meters is open.

“Consumers will only need to take a picture of the readings and upload them on the mobile meter reading portal on the app.

The metro said the new system, and meter management solution will help improve the city’s business processes ensuring that it delivers quality services optimally.

Benefits of the meter management solution include: eliminating data duplication, the ability of the one-meter reader to read both water and energy meters per household, the ability for customers to self-capture and submit meter readings accurately, the ability to upload photos for audit and confirmation, and set GPS coordinates for meters accurately associating the meter to the customer.

Dlamini pointed out that the usual meter readers will continue reading both conventional electricity and water meters.

“They will be identified through a proper identification card issued by the accounting officer and shall bear the contact details of the relevant official of the city, who can authenticate the details of the meter readers. It will also bear the meter reader’s full details as well as a photograph.”

The implementation time of the new meter reading system will be announced shortly, and residents are encouraged to follow the city’s social media platforms for regular updates.


Quelle/Source: Boksburg Advertiser, 25.08.2022

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