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Wednesday, 8.02.2023
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It is launching a Synthetic Data Implementation Framework which seeks to increase opportunities to share high-value data, while protecting the sensitive information it contains.

Digital Dubai is aiming to make use of synthetic data to help drive digitisation of the city and Dubai’s economy.

It claims to be the first city in the world to launch a Synthetic Data Implementation Framework, designed to promote and facilitate the use of synthetic data.

Replicating real-world data

Synthetic data uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create “near-exact replicas” of real-world data that can be shared. It is reportedly more effective in protecting sensitive data than existing privacy preserving techniques and synthetic data can also be used to increase data volume and quality, as well as correcting for biases.

Digital Dubai hopes the framework will increase opportunities to share high-value data, while protecting the sensitive information it contains.

Datasets that once remained under lock and key because of privacy concerns can be used to meet the growing appetite for larger, higher quality data needed to train machine learning algorithms or test software applications.

The use of synthetic data is already growing in areas such as financial services, testing fraud detection methods or mimicking customer behaviour to research innovative financial products, and healthcare using patient record data in research to advance public health systems, while still maintaining patient confidentiality.

Synthetic data can be used for a range of other potential uses, from creating training data for autonomous vehicles and robots, to powering digital twin technologies and eventually, metaverse applications.

Digital Dubai is releasing the Synthetic Data Implementation Framework to address critical questions – both ethical and practical – which need to be answered if data ecosystem actors from the public and private sector alike are to achieve the correct balance between innovative use and guaranteed privacy preservation.

The framework aims to create conditions in which those tasked with using data to power new products, insights and business strategy, can do so ethically and responsibly. It builds on a range of initiatives which combine to create advanced digital and data governance arrangements and a world class data ecosystem in the Emirate – including the Dubai Data Law of 2015 and the more recent Ethical AI Guidelines and Self-Assessment Toolkit which is being scaled to national level.

The Synthetic Data Implementation Framework is supported by a research report, produced with UK AI business, Faculty. As well as explaining the data science behind synthetic data, this report uses evidence from use cases to make the social and economic case for synthetic data, indicating that synthetic data can increase the value in data sharing exponentially.

Digital Dubai has been entrusted with four key tasks which are reflected in the Synthetic Data Implementation Framework:

  • to accelerate digital transformation of the city through strategic partnerships with governments and private sector entities
  • to increase the Emirate’s digital economy contribution to the city’s overall GDP
  • to build and develop digital competencies of national talent
  • to maintain and develop Dubai’s digital wealth whilst accelerating Dubai’s cybersecurity efforts.

“Our interest in digital data stems from our awareness of its importance at this stage, where we are witnessing AI-powered technologies transforming every aspect of our lives,” said Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, director general of Digital Dubai. “Our efforts to work with digital data are an integral part of our journey to lay the foundations of a comprehensive and integrated digital life, supported by smart solutions that are rooted in digital data analysis.

“They form part of our commitment to implement our wise leadership’s directives to advance Dubai’s position as a city that inspires the world in its quest to create a prosperous future for its citizens and residents.”


Quelle/Source: SmartCitiesWorld, 20.10.2022

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