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Sunday, 26.05.2024
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As per recent data, CCTV surveillance system has assisted police in solving more than 250 cases in the past seven months, which include cases like murder, snatching, road accident, hit and run, motor vehicle theft, burglary etc,” said a statement issued by the Smart City Limited.

It was added, “As many as 5,47,900 challans have been issued from March 2022 till February 26, 2023, which has resulted in improved road safety as well as reduction in traffic personnel deployed."

Around 900 CCTV cameras were installed at various locations throughout Chandigarh for surveillance which are being monitored through Command and Control Centre. Around 285 different locations in the city are being monitored on real-time basis by these advanced cameras.

The locations include intersections, government schools, entry and exit points, water treatment facilities, parking lots, hospital entrances, gardens etc.

This component of Smart City Mission went live in October 2022 and was under stabilisation period for three months till January 2023.

"During stabilisation period, challenges like firmware upgrades, system failures, application issues, hardware compatibility issues, maintenance challenges etc were faced. Despite that, these CCTV cameras have been serving the city from the date of installation and have been helping the Police Department," said Anindita Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Smart City Limited.

“During the month of December 2022, all connected cameras were monitored by Enterprise Management System of ICCC. This Enterprise Management System (EMS) is being utilised to monitor the functionality of all field equipment. Chandigarh Smart City has entered into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the system integrator for real-time monitoring of cameras so that the quality of service does not deteriorate during the maintenance period,” she added.

“As per data from December 2022, 79% cameras were working within the maintenance range of SLA, 20 per cent cameras were working outside maintenance range and only 1 per cent remaining cameras had limited availability due to repair works on the field such as junction improvement, civil repair work, school building renovation, power cable repair etc. Further, the system is built with local storage to reduce the impact of network outage,” it was added.


Quelle/Source: msn, 28.02.2023

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