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Saturday, 2.03.2024
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For active control over air pollution in the city, Lucknow Municipal Corporation will install cameras with artificial intelligence at major intersections and factory sites of the city under a pilot project funded by Smart City Limited.

With the help of these cameras, LMC along with UP Pollution Control Board will be able to identify factors and sites contributing to air pollution and take action against polluters.

The cameras, which will have specialized sensors and ability to be controlled from the control room, will be installed at about 30 selected sites across the city. They will be connected to the Integrated Control Command Center (ICCC) housed in the Smart City building in Lalbagh, UP Pollution Control Board as well as the private firm installing cameras.

A record of the live feed round the clock will be recorded and displayed on screens of ICCC, which will alert police if it see an activity, causing air pollution over allowed limits.

This was informed by additional executive officer (AEO) Smart City Pankaj Singh, who said, "For the pilot project, Rs 85 lakh has been sanctioned at the 18th board meeting of Smart City Limited. The information feeding in from the cameras will be integrated with Lucknow Smart City platform, for effective, efficient and timely resolution as well as monitoring."

He further stated, "Along with busiest circles, we have also included industrial areas, where small and medium-scale industries are working under the project. By monitoring the live feed, UPPCB and LMC will not only perform immediate intervention to control air pollution but also help in chalking out the strategies for future."

"If the project became a success more of this camera will be installed to cover the entire city andfine will be imposed of those adding to the air pollution," he added.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 30.01.2023

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