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Friday, 19.04.2024
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In the Municipal Corporation, a call center has been set up in Smart City for other problems including cleanliness, garbage collection, encroachment, building permission, parking and street lights. But people do not have faith in the solution for complaining in the call center. In such a situation, instead of complaining in the corporation's call center, people consider it more reliable to call the CM helpline.

According to the corporation, in the CM helpline, first the complaints related to the call center of the corporation are also asked. In such a situation, instead of trusting the call center, the person wants a solution through the CM helpline. This is the reason why many times complaints are lodged at the call center as well. But before it is resolved, the person lodges a complaint in the CM helpline as well.

About 90 per cent of these complaints pertain to encroachment, filth on roads, sewage, water works and estrangement from neighbours, in which many complaints are related to illegal construction or occupation by a neighbour after a fight.

Apart from this, even if the problem related to street lights is not resolved on time, people knock on the door of CM helpline. On the other hand, due to small complaints of dangerous trees and other matters, the corporation has started receiving an average of 15,000 complaints per month on the CM helpline. If seen on this basis, the officers of the corporation have to settle about two lakh complaints in a year.

As per corporation officials, it is the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation to provide basic facilities to the people of the city. Despite the delay in settling the complaints, the corporation is serious about the issues related to public interest. They say that small complaints in the CM Helpline is a wrong practice. The citizens can complain in the corporation call centre or mayor helpline, so that the matter does not go to the CM helpline.


Quelle/Source: The Pioneer, 23.01.2023

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