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Sunday, 10.12.2023
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (NMSCDCL) has finalized the agencies to carry out developmental works at the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) schools and convert the same into smart schools. However, the work orders will be given only after the nod of the Election Commission of India.

The smarty city cell plans to convert 69 NMC-run schools into ‘smart schools’ by developing infrastructure and introducing digital boards, projectors and e-books for the children. “We have completed the tender process and the parties have also been finalized. But since the model code of conduct is in place for graduate assembly constituency elections, the process of giving work orders has been stuck. We will proceed once we get clearance from the ECI,” said Sumant More, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NMSCDCL. The total funds required for the project would be around Rs 70.3 crore, the officer said, adding that several companies have also come up with proposals for spending on schools under corporate social responsibility.

The NMC has shortlisted 69 schools with 659 classrooms to be digitized under the smart school projects, which will have to be completed within nine months. The major infrastructural works would be carried out during the vacation period and the auxiliary works would be started as soon as the work orders are given.

“The works that are not expected to disturb the functioning of the schools will start with immediate effect as soon as the work orders are issued. The other works that need construction activities will be carried out during the vacations,” another senior NMSCDCL officer said.

The digital classrooms will include a digital board, projector, e-books and other advanced educational equipment, along with audio-visual gadgets, to provide quality education to the students.

At present, about 30,000 students study at NMC schools and the administration hopes to further increase the number of students to over 50,000.

The digital schools will start functioning in June 2023, for which the teachers will be given proper training and support. “While the infra development is taking place, the teachers will also be given training to handle equipment and focus on the development of children. With this, the NMC authorities expect that the number of students studying in corporation schools will exceed 50,000, soon,” an officer from the NMC’s education department said.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 08.01.2023

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