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Monday, 22.07.2024
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The estimated cost of some major Shimla Smart City projects like the double-lane Dhalli-Sanjauli tunnel and the Ridge Restoration project has increased significantly. It has been learnt that the cost of the tunnel has gone up by Rs 15-16 crore and the spike in the estimated cost of the Ridge Restoration project is even steeper.

“The cost of the Ridge restoration project has gone up from the original estimate of around Rs 37 crore to around Rs 60-62 crore. It needs to be looked into from where the funds could be generated to meet the inflated costs of these projects,” said an official, following the Board of Directors meeting of Shimla Smart City Mission here today.

Incidentally, it’s not the first time the budgetary estimates for the restoration of the Ridge have gone up. In April last year, the budget had jumped from Rs 15 crore to Rs 27 crore owing to the use of proposed use of micropiles technology for the project.

“The work is happening under the supervision of IIT, Roorkee. It has changed some designs, so the cost has gone up,” the official said.

Meanwhile, the original budget for the Dhalli-Sanjauli tunnel was Rs 49 crore. With the escalation of around Rs 15 crore, the tunnel will now cost around Rs 65 crore.


Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 24.11.2022

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