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Saturday, 2.03.2024
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The preliminary study conducted by Smart City Ujjain to build a no-vehicle zone from Kanthal to Satigati via Gopal Mandir road has been cleared.

Mayor Mukesh Tatwal along with additional commissioner and Smart City CEO Ashish Pathak and the technical team inspected Kanthal to Gopal Mandir road to make Street for People (no vehicle zone) and directed that the work plan for the road should be prepared soon. In this sequence, a preliminary study of the route from Kanthal to Gopal Mandir has been done by Smart City. Preliminary study revealed that Kanthal, Sati Gate, Gopal Mandir is situated in the old city of Ujjain where the main commercial market of the city is also operated, the route starts from Gopal Mandir historical site in the west which is Kanthal Square in the east. The existing site is mixed.

According to the master plan, the proposed site is completely commercial and only two-wheelers will be allowed to be parked here. A systematic parking has been proposed in front of the shops leaving the central part of the main road empty. Additional parking space will be ensured near the road. Road infrastructure including drainage, water supply, underground power supply and smart transformer will be developed on the route. Signage would be put up on the main road and its landscaping would be done while attractive lighting will also be done on the main part.


Quelle/Source: msn, 12.11.2022

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