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Thursday, 8.12.2022
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Now, the city will get a digitised address system and houses in the city will have their unique identification code geo-tagged for ease of navigation. Indore Smart City Development Limited, on Monday, signed an MoU with in this regard.

Smart City executive director and commissioner Pratibha Pal said that, along the lines of making Indore a smart city, it is going to become the first city in India with a digital addressing system, for which Smart City has taken a very important step.

Rishav Gupta, Smart City CEO, said that Address Navigation has developed a patented advanced technology and recently partnered with ISRO to create a Digital Addressing System for the country. Address Navigation is a short and unique code which will lead to your geo-tagged location.

On this app, you can put the full text address, property pictures, landmarks and such other information. Also, people can record the direction, which will eliminate the problem of calling again and again and the visitor will be able to find the address easily.

Gupta said the biggest advantage of Address Navigation is that, instead of sharing your long and complicated address in future, you will be able to share just a short code.

He said that according to reports, at present, India suffers a loss of Rs 75,000 crore every year only because of its addressing system. In the presence of the Prime Minister, Address Navigation has recently partnered with ISRO to create a powerful Digital Address System for the country, a powerful step towards realising the dream of a self-reliant India.

All government departments will use this system along with emergency services, such as ambulances, fire brigade and police. The address will be used for such essential facilities as e-KYC with banking geo-tagging. The address will be integrated in all the departments. The Address App is a free platform that will be used by parcel delivery companies to reach the correct location.


Quelle/Source: msn, 12.09.2022

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