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Thursday, 8.12.2022
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Lucknow Chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday flagged off 42 new electric buses for Lucknow and Kanpur, saying a helicopter service would also soon be launched from Lucknow to Naimisharanya, a pilgrimage site in Sitapur district (92 km from the state capital).

Thirty-four of these buses will run on different routes in the state capital and the remaining are for Kanpur.

“A helicopter facility from Lucknow to Naimisharanya will be provided. Also, some of the buses launched today will be run to the pilgrimage centre under an alternative arrangement. The place is base for vedic and puranic knowledge of the country,” he said.

The ancient town is sacred for the Hindus. Maharish Ved Vyas had written the epic Mahabharat at Vyas Gaddi in Namisharanya, which is till date visited by devotees. Lalita Devi Temple, Hanuman Garhi and Chakra Teerth are other most revered places for devotees.

“Vedic knowledge is India’s heritage that paves way for welfare of humans and the entire world,” said the CM.

Adityanath said work that should have been done to conserve Naimisharanya was not done. “It should be developed as a place with best facilities for people from across India to come and see our cultural heritage. The tourism and culture department are now doing it,” he said.

“I have asked the urban development department to work on electric bus facility to Naimisharanya. As electric charging points and other facilities are needed for the buses, hence alternatives will be worked upon. We will also provide helicopter service from Lucknow to Naimisharanya,” added the CM.

The CM said pollution-free public transport is the need of the hour, and UP has, under the guidance of the prime minister, been able to provide the best transport services in the state. “Today, we are starting this facility for the two biggest cities of the state – Lucknow and Kanpur,” said Adityanath.

Of 100 smart cities in the country, 10 are in UP, and among top 10 from these 100 cities, two are from UP – Agra and Varanasi, said the CM.

“We are working to develop the remaining seven nagar nigams into smart cities under the state smart city mission. The Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) is being worked upon,” he added.

“We are also successfully moving ahead with Metro operations. Among the states in the country, we have the highest number of urban places in one state connected with metro, including five cities where metro is already running. Both Lucknow and Kanpur have metro, but the electric bus service will form the base for Metro for an entirely pollution-free public transport, stated the CM.

Buses for Naimisharanya

Electric buses for Naimisharanya can be boarded from six places in Lucknow at different timings, and the maximum fare for the 92-km journey is ₹121. This is the first such facility for a pilgrimage site in the state capital.

According to the route decided by the Lucknow City Transport Services (LCTS), passengers can board the electric bus from Chowk at 8am. They can also call helpline number 1800-180-5014 for an inquiry about these buses.


Place Time Fare (Rs)
Chowk8 am121
Dubagga8:15 am109
Kakori8:30 am103
Malihabad8:45 am85
Rahimabad9 am67
Sandila9:15 am49


Quelle/Source: msn, 25.08.2022

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