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Sunday, 26.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Demands have arisen from various corners, including the members of local bodies, to include Information Technology (IT) in the training programme imparted by the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) to the local body representatives.

It has been pointed out that the state IT Mission can provide the necessary platform for KILA, if needed.

In an effort to implement e-governance, the Kochi Corporation had imparted training to its councillors during the last council.

"Noting the need to impart IT training to local body representatives, last time the Kochi corporation had given IT training to the councillors. However, it could not continue with the computer education as many of them do not own a personal computer," K J Sohan, former Mayor and a present councillor of the Kochi corporation, said.

Recently, the state government had issued laptops to all MLAs in the state. "Since the government gives much focus on de-centralisation, it should give computers to the members of the local self-government institutions also," he said.

"It seems that, at present, the IT component in the training is nominal. The successful implementation of e-governance at the lower level needs IT-literate people coming to the local self-government institutions (LSGI). Only if they are proficient in ITrelated issues, can they advocate better IT facilities," pointed out free software activist S Ashok.

However, KILA director N Ramakantan pointed out that the local body representatives are given training in a phased manner.

"The software-based learning and IT training are included in the introduction phase. However, in the following phases it can be included if needed. It will be done depending on the need and scope for such a training for key representatives, like those handling financial portfolios, where they have to be in touch with computers regularly. As of now, in the introductory phase, we will be giving training related to face-to-face communication," Ramakantan said.

If the state government is serious about the e-governance programme, it is high time action was taken to distribute laptops or desktops to the LSGI members and impart them IT training, he said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Anil S

Quelle/Source: Express Buzz, 03.11.2010

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