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Digital unit learns from New South Wales, Singapore.

Victoria’s state government is launching Service Victoria, an agency that will provide a whole of government approach to digital transaction services, it was announced in the 2015-16 Budget today.

“Currently these services are excessively difficult to navigate, with government transactions and information spread across hundreds of phone hotlines and 538 different web sites,” a government announcement said.

The Budget has allocated AU$15 million (US$12 million) for the development of the agency in its first year.

A similar organisation, Service NSW, exists in New South Wales. This has brought together 400 state digital services into one platform, including vehicle registrations and birth certificates.

Singapore, meanwhile, has a no wrong door policy, where any contact with any agency will be routed to the correct place. It also recently launched the Municipal Services Office to bring together city services and allow citizens to give feedback through a centralised app.

The United Kingdom’s Government Digital Service moved central government transaction services onto its Gov.UK portal over the past four year years, and it is in the process of making 25 exemplar services “digital by default”. However, some projects have recently slipped behind their initial deadlines.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Joshua Chambers

Quelle/Source: futureGov, 05.05.2015

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