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A study from a PropTech platform has revealed the ten European cities that are best prepared for a smart future – but which city has topped the list?

Using eleven indicators of a smart city, defined by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, ProptechOS has created a list of the European cities most adapted to emerging technologies and prepared for a smarter future.

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ProptechOS finds European cities lag behind US counterparts in terms of being prepared for a smart connected future

A new study has revealed the 10 European cities that are best prepared for a smart future.

According to the research, from ProptechOS, London leads the way ahead of Amsterdam and Berlin. Paris and Lisbon rounded out the top 5.

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Interinstitutional declaration on digital rights and principles for the digital decade: Member States, Parliament and Commission concluded the negotiations on EU values in the digital world.

Member States, the European parliament, and the Commission negotiated the European declaration on digital rights and principles for the digital decade. The declaration aims to promote European values within the digital transformation, putting people at the centre, with digital technology benefiting all individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

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European Cities Face Sustainability Challenges and More

While digital twin techniques have been applied successfully in manufacturing and construction, cities are so complex that they require more measuring and modelling effort. Moreover, since they are evolving all the time, it is not enough to simply measure and model cities only once. This article explores whether digital twin techniques can meet city planning needs and help them face their wide-ranging challenges – from sustainability to education, digitalization, infrastructure and healthcare.

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Moshe Gazit, director of business development at Thinkz, explains how IoT data in the hands of citizens can promote more sustainable choices, and introduces a new clean air routing tool that will be free-to-use in cities following its launch into Europe.

Q: What makes this such an important time for cities to be able to connect with their citizens? How is Thinkz supporting that work?

The idea behind what Thinkz is doing is to connect IoT to people, and connect IoTs to one another for the sake of people. The reason it’s so important to do so is because cities are getting bigger – there are more people coming to live in cities. We believe that someone coming to a city who is able to manage themselves better helps city operations without city management needing to provide everything. By transforming IoT data into useful information and putting it in the hands of people, cities become better places to be and it creates a better urban experience.

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