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Executive director and chief executive officer of Smart City Limited Chandra Shekhar Shukla has said his priority is to complete the work on time and maintain its quality.

The two projects – rejuvenation of Lakha Banjara Lake, its front development work and elevated corridor – are the most important ones, Shukla said at a meeting with officials on Thursday. Shukla reviewed the progress of work at the meeting held in the Smart City auditorium.

He also directed the officials to complete the rest of the construction and beautification work as early as possible.

All the engineers of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) and those of the Smart City were directed to monitor the work remaining at the site so that the projects completed on time.

He also took feedback on the progress of SR-I under the Smart City road corridor.

Shukla told the engineers to increase manpower and put paver blocks over 150-200-meter area daily on both sides of the road.

Reviewing the progress of the sports ground, Shukla directed the officials to complete the final layer of the athletic track.

He also reviewed the progress of Nagar Nigam building and construction of eight zonal offices.

Shukla asked the officials to start the construction of the six zonal offices, besides completing the under-construction Nagar Nigam building and two zonal offices.

Officials of the Smart City, engineers and team leaders of PMC were present at the meeting.


Quelle/Source: msn, 10.03.2023

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