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Saturday, 2.03.2024
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Summary: Capital Trust Group is an emerging digital asset platform. Recently, the company is pleased to announce its new proposal of a $200 Billion Smart City.

Capital Trust Group Limited, a significant investment management firm, has announced its involvement in the Thai Canal Project, a groundbreaking initiative that is set to transform the country’s economic landscape. The project involves linking the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea via the Kra Isthmus in southern Thailand, potentially and drastically reducing travel times as well as streamlining the heavily trafficked trade routes.

The Thai Canal Project has been on the cards for over 300 years, but now, the Project Founding Members believe the time is right to bring it to fruition. Despite the Thai Government's rejection of the original canal plan, the Project Founding Members are determined to make their vision a reality and have created a groundbreaking concept that will bring a "Smart City" to life. This $200 billion endeavor will prioritize net zero emissions, making it an exemplar of sustainable, low-carbon living. The intent is to couple the proposed Smart City with the proposed Canal Project to create a social, environmental and economical ecosystem with enough national and international benefits to outweigh the disadvantage of building the Canal.

To facilitate investment in the project, Capital Trust Group will establish an escrow fund at a Swiss bank account exclusively for institutional investors who wish to become early stakeholders. Capital Trust Group will issue zero-coupon Thai Canal digital bonds (Ticker: TCST) in return against the escrow fund, which will be 100% redeemable by institutional investors on a monthly basis.

The coupling of the proposed Smart City with the proposed canal would have a snowballing effect, first on the aggregated economic value of the Canal Project, second on the overall prosperity of Southern Thailand, and third on the balanced economic rise of Thailand. The new Smart City next to or close to the Canal would become a new major city and a new hub of commerce and integrated industries domestically and internationally. The business and job opportunities as well as the distribution of wealth geographically would be much more balanced than ever before.

Leading the charge is Mr. Sitipon Charoenkajonkul, a Thai businessman and the Chairman of Best Bonded Warehouse Co.,Ltd. and Best Ocean Golf Co.,Ltd., which owns Asia’s first Private Jet Residence Project. Capital Trust Group Limited, on the other hand utilizes Fireblocks, an easy-to-use platform to create new blockchain-based products and manage day-to-day digital asset operations, and the Fireblocks Network Link to connect with 1,600 institutional investors and more than 30 exchanges.

Consequently, the Thai Canal Project represents a paradigm shift in sustainable development, and its success will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the region and beyond. The Project Founding Members are inviting all institutional investors who share their vision of a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future than ever for Thailand and the world, to join them in making history.

About the Company - Capital Trust Group (CTG)

Capital Trust Group (CTG) is a primary investment management firm that provides a range of investment management services to institutional investors worldwide. Established in 2011 and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, CTG has grown to become a globally investment management firm, specializing in wealth management, asset management and fund management by utilizes an asset tokenization platform to create new blockchain-based products and manage day-to-day digital asset operations.

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Autor(en)/Author(s): John Aaronson

Quelle/Source: Capital Trust Group, 04.03.2023

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