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Monday, 27.03.2023
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

His Excellency Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Council of Ministers and Climate Envoy Professor Adel bin Ahmed Al Jubeir said that the NEOM smart city will provide the Kingdom and the world with a new model for sustainable and green urban design. The World Economic Forum announced today that the Line project will take the concept of smart cities and urban planning to another dimension, and the NEOM project is a step towards creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable city with a high quality of life and low traffic.

On the other hand, HE Minister of Investment, Engineer Khalid Al-Falih, participated in the Dialogue Session “Reengineering Value Chains” through which he explained the goals that the national initiative for global supply chains, the Newly Launched Kingdom, should achieve and how to benefit from the resources, infrastructure and geography of the Kingdom to increase the flexibility of local and global supply chains

His Excellency said: “By launching a national initiative for global supply chains, the Kingdom aims to increase our flexibility and enable the Kingdom to become a global hub by leveraging our strengths.”

In a panel discussion titled “Industry and the World of the Metaverses,” HE Minister of Communications and Information Technology Engineer Abdullah Al-Sawaha said, “The current two-dimensional world we live in today is not keeping up with the goals of the twenty-first century.” He added: “I am a strong supporter of Metaverse to lead the next wave of amazing experiences for customers, businesses and industry, and we will bring scientists, innovators and policy makers together in an experiential environment to ensure they operate in a safe environment for innovation.”

Regarding the economy of the Kingdom, His Excellency Faisal Al Ibrahim, Minister of Economy and Planning, confirmed at the World Economic Forum that the Kingdom is in a good position to exceed the expected growth levels for 2023.

His Excellency said: “Today, the Kingdom is an example of global growth, as last year we had the fastest growth among the G20 countries, and if we look closely at the GDP, which grew by 8.5%, we can see that our non-oil activities and our private sector economy has grown too fast.”

His Excellency also spoke at a panel discussion on global tax reform and said: “Since the announcement of the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, we have focused on diversifying our income sources away from traditional sources in order to create sustainable income over the long term. and diversify our sources of economic growth.”

In addition to the dialogue sessions, the Ministry of Economy and Planning announced a collaboration with UpLink, the World Economic Forum’s open innovation platform, to launch an innovative challenge to improve food security in drylands.

This collaboration is part of the Kingdom’s efforts to develop innovative solutions to the most important problems facing the world, as this challenge represents a global call for technical solutions to achieve food security.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ayaz Ahmet

Quelle/Source: Haber Tusba, 21.01.2023

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