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Thursday, 19.05.2022
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Shanghai consumers will be able enjoy faster and more affordable 5G and family broadband services, thanks to the "smart city" strategy, with a free upgrade of one Gbps bandwidth, China Mobile said on Thursday.

The carrier is offering free upgrades in broadband bandwidth in Shanghai of up to one gigabyte per second (Gbps).

A sole family broadband service now costs about 100 yuan (US$16) a month in Shanghai, with normal bandwidth between 100 to 300 megabyte per second or Mbps. One Gbps equals to about 1,000 Mbps.

Soon, a family package of mobile data and voice calls, together with broadband, cloud storage, up to six numbers and various digital services, will cost from 109 yuan a month in all, more cost effective for users, the carrier said.

Qualified family users will receive calls or messages for the upgrade. By 2023, at least half of China Mobile's users in Shanghai will enjoy 500 Mbps or faster broadband service, Shanghai Mobile said.

It's the latest update to advance digital infrastructure in Shanghai which aims to build a "global digital hub" by 2025 as part of an official digital blueprint.

China Mobile has 12 million 5G users in Shanghai, with 20,000 5G base stations offering 5G signal coverage citywide.

The carrier has 3.5 million family broadband users in the city, with a network coverage of 8.5 million users in 13,000 communities.

Also on Thursday, China Mobile signed a digital education partnership with Shanghai Education Commission, to make Shanghai lead the nation in innovation and information infrastructure.

China Telecom also introduced an upgraded 2 Gbps family broadband service in Shanghai recently, giving the city the fastest broadband network in the nation.


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Quelle/Source: Shine, 09.12.2021

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