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Wednesday, 7.12.2022
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Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Tuesday inaugurated a modern lift and foot-over bridge constructed at a cost of about Rs.3 crore at Vikasnagar in the first phase of the Smart City Mission. The 36-metre-high lift with a capacity of 20 people will provide great relief to the residents of Vikasnagar for easy access to the National Highway. A 53 metres long foot-over bridge along with this lift on Khalini-Panthaghati road will make it easier for the people to cross the road.

The CM said that residents, employees and school children would benefit the most from this lift and foot-over bridge. He said that to supplement this phase-1 project, the execution of Phase-2 and Phase-3, comprising two more lifts with heights of 24 and 29 meters along with two foot-over bridges with a width of 44 and 47 metres, would be completed at a cost of ₹7.62 crore by coming June. This would enable the residents of Vikasnagar to have barrier-free access to Brockhurst, after which another pedestrian walkway project under execution with the cost of ₹12.78 crore would connect it to Chotta Shimla. He said that this project was being executed by Ropeways and Rapid Transport System Development Corporation Limited (RTDC).

Jai Ram Thakur said that 216 projects worth ₹713 crore had been approved for Shimla under Smart City Mission. He said that the facilities of smart parking, foot-over bridges, lifts, escalators, pucca houses for the poor, new shops and stalls for traders were being provided in the city.

Chief Minister said that 33 projects worth ₹91.19 crore related to the construction of foot-over bridges were being executed, which would boost traffic safety for the pedestrians in the city. Four projects worth about ₹45 crore were being implemented in the city related to surveillance and IT. “This would strengthen the ICT infrastructure for effective monitoring of various services,” he said.


Quelle/Source: msn, 27.09.2022

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