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Wednesday, 5.10.2022
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Smart healthcare services remained a distant dream in the city. Despite the demand of residents, no project under the Smart City mission was launched to introduce any smart government hospital or improve infrastructure and healthcare services in existing government hospitals or health centres in the city.

In a door-to-door survey for citizen engagement under the mission in 2015, 53% of respondents answered that they do not have a health care facility nearby like PHC or CHC (primary or community healthcare centre) and 59% of respondents replied that PHC/ CHC had no adequate facilities as per their requirements.

In the Ludhiana Smart City Proposal, one of the goals was highlighted as “Enhance Health + Wellness of citizens”. It was mentioned to provide better integrated healthcare facilities to citizens, inclusive care and smart hospitals. It was also highlighted to promote healthier mobility options like bicycles and e-rickshaws, reduce pollution and vehicular congestion, and mitigate industrial pollution.

Sanjay Goyal, one of the directors of Ludhiana Smart City Limited (LSCL), said no concrete steps were taken to improve the healthcare services under the Smart City Mission here.

Goyal said, “Ludhiana needs smart hospitals to provide the best health services to citizens. As per the population of city, there is no sufficient number of government hospitals and beds. More funds should be allocated for improving healthcare services.”

He further said, “The funds were used for a Smart City mission project in government schools in the city. Thus, the funds could also be used for improving infrastructure at government hospitals and healthcare centres in the city but health services were ignored. A smart government hospital equipped with all required facilities should be opened in every constituency.”

Kuldeep Singh Khaira of Vigilant Citizens’ Forum said: “There is a lack of advanced infrastructure, machinery and medical staff at government hospitals. Huge rush of patients is a common scene at the Civil Hospital. Many times that the serious patients were referred to Rajindra Hospital Patiala or PGIMER, Chandigarh, from Ludhiana’s Civil Hospital.”

No relief from pollution

In a survey regarding the Smart City mission around seven years ago, 85% of the respondents had replied that they think the air in Ludhiana was severely polluted. In several areas including Tajpur Road, Dhandari and others located near industries, air pollution is a major problem.

The Councillor from Ward No. 14, Kuldeep Janda, said the problem of air pollution still exists here. No steps were taken to resolve the problem, he added.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Harshraj Singh

Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 28.07.2022

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