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Tuesday, 7.07.2020
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An important meeting of the Board of Directors (BoD) of Jabalpur Smart City Limited was organised on Friday. Collector and Chairman of the company, Bharat Yadav chaired the meeting. Operators, living outside the city, attended the meeting through video conferencing and held detailed discussion on the agenda. During the meeting, the BoD approved operation of the newly-constructed cultural theatre at Bhawartal garden.

Besides, they also gave consent for development of Ranital pond, phase two development works of the cultural theatre and LED plan for smart lights in the city. Apart from that the directors also sought detailed information regarding ongoing projects under Smart City Mission and gave needed directions. J K Kapoor, nominated director of the Central Government, O P Agrawal and Shivanand Swami independent directors, Meenakshi Singh Additional Commissioner, N P Malaviya Engineer-in-Chief and Neeraj Nikhar also expressed their views.

Those present were Municipal Commissioner, Ashish Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Smart City, Ashish Pathak, CEO, JDA and Executive Director JCL, Rajendra Roy, Assistant Commissioner JMC, Sambhav Ayachi, Company Secretary Smart City, Kailash Bhati and others.


Quelle/Source: The Hitavada, 16.05.2020

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