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A central government team is to produce guidelines for sharing data on children

An official of the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) said that the document would be published to reduce uncertainty and make professionals more confident about data protection issues.

Peter Mucklow, divisional manager of the Children's Workforce Development Unit at the DfES, was speaking at the Inter-agency working for better social care conference, organised by Government Computing, on 1 March 2005. He said that officials in a number of public sector bodies who deal with the social care of children are often unsure about the legal constraints on data sharing. A combination of the Data Protection Act, the Human Rights Act, the Children Act and common law on the duty of confidence has made many uncertain of when they can pass on data to other organisations.

In response, a DfES team is aiming to produce a guidance document during the autumn of 2005. It is taken input from the Home Office, Department of Health, Department for Constitutional Affairs, Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Office.

Mucklow said the team is now reviewing existing guidance and doing field work to identify the problems practitioners face. It plans to draft and test the new guidance later in the year.

"Part of our job in central government and local partnerships is to help create more certainty and clarity so they will feel more confident," he said. "It's a way of increasing the professionalism of practitioners, to make them more confident in their sharing judgements."

Quelle: KableNET, 02.03.3005

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