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Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is to implement a new £300,000 information-access system for its private homeowners.

Residents of over 25,000 properties will benefit from a single point of contact for all enquiries regarding factoring charging. The new system, implemented by Anite, the specialist public sector IT provider, will go live in February 2006. The Anite Housing system will enable staff to offer consistent information to residents.

The housing association has invested almost £300,000 to manage factoring charging for both GHA’s rented and privately owned social housing, as well as charges for repairs and maintenance.

Mags Lightbody, managing director of GHA (Management), the subsidiary of GHA responsible for delivering factoring solutions, said: “We are currently modernising our factoring service and needed a smart system to manage the various services that we offer to our large customer base. Anite’s system will enable us to do this more efficiently and help us provide a more effective service to our residents.”

Established in 2003 following a vote by the tenants of Glasgow City Council to transfer the housing stock, GHA is the largest registered social landlord in Britain. The not-for-profit housing association now maintains over 70,000 rented homes in the city and provides property management services to a further 25,000 private homeowners.

Neil McIntyre, director of business strategy, Anite, added: "I am pleased that we have been able to offer GHA a service charging solution that is really well-suited to its needs and those of its citizens.”

Quelle: Publictechnology, 08.11.2005

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