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Sonntag, 25.02.2018
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The Gibraltar Government’s Housing Department has launched an online billing system in a bid to reduce paper waste.

Every month the housing department prints around 5000 bills per month and tenants now have the opportunity to voluntarily apply for the new emailing method.

The initiative comes under the government’s ‘Thinking Green’ agenda and the department is “confident” this new method will be adopted by a majority of the residents.

“The Gibraltar Government is committed to minimising its impact on the environment, and the paperless system is a step in the right direction,” said the Minister for Housing, Samantha Sacramento.

“As a Government, we are progressing to e-government as a more efficient way of working, in this case it also benefits the environment as we will be saving on ink, paper and other resources to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. I am proud of this initiative.”

Further details on the scheme can be accessed online on government website or at the housing department offices in New Harbours.


Quelle/Source: Gibraltar Chronicle, 08.03.2017

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