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eGovernment Forschung | eGovernment Research 2001 - 2018

Mandalay launched last week its e-Mandalay Web Portal, which covers public services for 74 departments, said the chair of the e-Government implementation committee.

The project will include 199 topics of 74 departments under five Regional ministries and nine related branches, Security and Border Affairs Ministry, Development Ministry, Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Ministry, Electricity, Energy and Construction Ministry and Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Ministry, said e-Government task force chair U Sai Kyaw Zaw.

He said the task force will try to include the remaining ministries before the year ends.

“Web Portal contents will include ministry’s information and logos, structures, functions, contact phone numbers, emails and websites of 160 departments under the ministries,” he said during the launch on July 20.

“People can access to over 300 forms for public services and apply via online. It will facilitate public services.” he added.

The e-Mandalay Web Portal is the first step in the implementation of e-Government and people can now have open access to government’s data and public services via e-Services.

“e-Mandalay Web Portal is good in today’s age of IT development,” U San Yu Kyaw from Mandalay Journalism School said.

“Government Websites were established in Mandalay under previous e-Government project. It needs to be updated. Current e-Mandalay Web Portal should be updated too. Otherwise, it will be a waste of public budget,” U San Yu Kyaw added.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Si Thu Lwin

Quelle/Source: Myanmar Times, 24.07.2017

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