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Sonntag, 24.06.2018
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Qatar has witnessed 54mn completed transactions per year through 1,079 online services and 22 transactions per individual per year through 581 mobile services, a top official of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) said yesterday.

The number of digital services in Qatar was 1,660 as on March 2017, which comprised 1,079 online and 581 mobile services, Hassan Jassim al-Sayed, assistant undersecretary (Government Programme and Information Technology) at MoTC told Qatar Digital Government (QDG) Forum.

“All individuals and businesses will benefit from connecting online with Qatar’s more open and efficient government,” he said, adding the key pillars of QDG were innovative service delivery, efficient government, open government, ICT capacity and skills, and policy, standards and regulatory framework.

Of the total digital services as on March this year, the bulk of it (about 42%) benefited citizens, followed by businesses (36%), multiple beneficiaries (18%) and the remaining government.

Al-Sayed said efficiency and cost reduction are the core objectives of government shared platform applications and infrastructure.

On open government, he said the aim is to broaden the range of vendors to supply digital services including more small and medium sized enterprises.

Regarding the enhancement of ICT capacity and skills, he said the aim is to train 3,000 government ICT professionals over three years as part of efforts to serve the transformation and meet the needs of Qatar digital government programme.

“eGovernment is a journey from simple electronic services to whole of Government services and now is the time for more SMART services to satisfy our users requirements,” according to him.


Quelle/Source: Gulf Times, 09.05.2017

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