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Expanding scope of e-services for citizens, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has started issuance and renewal of identification cards and Qatari passports through Metrash 2 mobile phone application.

This service has become available electronically on Metrash 2 from February 22 this year. The service is part of the initiatives of the Ministry of Interior to expand its e-services and simply the various procedures.

Through "Citizens" window on Metrash 2, citizens can easily apply for issuance of new identification or travel documents or renewal or re-issuance of the same in case they have expired or lost, the Ministry said on its website.

Metrash 2 is now available in six languages and has been subscribed by more than 300,000 people. Metrash 2 services further include visa, residency, traffic, community police, CID in addition to different inquiry services.

These developments are meant to meet "Qatar e-Government 2020".

It reflects the desires of many citizens, business people, and government employees to embrace technology to access and deliver services.

Metrash 2 also provides a better user experience, when paper forms and certificates are not required, and enhances service quality, as automation allows for faster and less error-prone processing of customer requests.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Sidi Mohamed

Quelle/Source: The Peninsula Qatar, 05.03.2017

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