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The Ho Chi Minh City government introduced an electronic certificate tracking service on December 12, allowing people who have applied for business registration certificates, land documents, building permits or other documents to track the progress of the application.

The “Electronic One-Door” system, available through the Department of Information and Communications website at www.motcua.ict-hcm.gov.vn, is designed to cut the time and money residents spend following up their applications for various certificates.

To check how an application is progressing, an applicant can visit the website, enter the application receipt number and click the mouse for an automatic update on the status of the application.

In the event a computer is not available, the applicant can call 1900 545 444 to make inquiries.

The website also provides visitors with updated information about the total number of applications received by relevant authorities, the number of applications finalized and the total number of applications that were finalized on schedule.

According to the HCM City Information and Communications, the system now can connect with databases of 19 districts, departments and branches in the city, including districts 4, 5, 7, 10, 11 Tan Binh, Binh Tan and Nha Be and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The system is scheduled to be fully operational next year when the databases of other districts, departments and branches are also accessible.


Quelle/Source: VietNamNet Bridge, 12.12.2008

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