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Mittwoch, 25.04.2018
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The Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics has launched “MarRoute”, a mobile application designed to provide commuters and passengers with information and news regarding traffic.

In a communiqué released on Tuesday, the ministry said that the application, which informs users about road conditions, is a part of its strategy to ensure the safety of it commuters and passengers.

The application, which is available for free download, provides users with various kinds of information services, such as a map displaying accidents on the road that might disrupt their trip, including snow and flooding.

The app will get its data from announcements released by of the ministry’s regional and provincial directorates

According to the ministry, the application was created as an interactive, participatory platform where users can share their concerns.

The ministry stressed that the application comes as part of the Ministry’s policy of promoting e-governance and supporting the evolution of mobile technologies in order to offer better public service to Moroccan citizens.


Quelle/Source: Morocco World News, 22.02.2017

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