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To increase local revenue (PAD) and to support the concept of Smart City development, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBNI) or BNI cooperate with the Semarang City Government and the Central Java Bank (Bank Jateng) in making Semarang Great card (kartu Semarang Hebat).

This card was launched to facilitate financial transactions of Semarang residents. In the card, a variety of functions are embedded, among others, savings or identity card. The Semarang Hebat card was launched on Friday (2/17/2017) by the Mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi, and BNI’s Director of Institutional Relations & Transactional Banking, Adi Sulistyowati.

Adi Sulistyowati, in a press release, said in addition to the launch of Semarang Hebat, BNI is also working with the Government of Semarang in managing hotel taxes which in the future will be added to the entertainment tax and other local taxes. "With various facilities, synergy of BNI and Semarang city government will provide many benefits for both parties and the residents of Semarang city," Adi explained.

Adi continued this Semarang Hebat card model is the first launched in Indonesia. This is the initial stage of cooperation, in form of Semarang Hebat card co-branded with Bank Jateng’s Prepaid Tapcash issued by BNI.

In the future, the cooperation can also be made with the expansion and synergizing channels of BNI-Bank Jateng for customer transactions at ATMs and EDC, as well as public service collection program via mutual channels.

"Cooperation for Semarang Hebat card is also a form of active support to the Government in shaping Cashless Society in Semarang city,” said Adi.

The versatile Semarang Hebat card may become a debit or saving card, which can be used as a means of transaction in both domestic and foreign merchants. It functions as an ATM card that can be used in all BNI’s ATMs in Indonesia and abroad.

The card can also be developed as an identity card, attendance card or a library card. This cooperation started with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bank Jateng on February 16, 2017. The MoU is the beginning of synergy between BNI and Semarang city government in support of work programs of the Government of Semarang and as realization of public disclosure or the so-called slogan: ‘BE SMART CITY’ (Based on E-government, Semarang More Accountable, Realistic and the Transparent CITY).


Autor(en)/Author(s): Irawan Hadi Prayitno, Hari Wiseno, Martina Prianti

Quelle/Source: Netralnews, 17.02.2017

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