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Deputising for Prime Minister Hani Mulki, Labour Minister Ali Ghezawi on Thursday attended the inauguration of the ICT and electronic transformation directorate at the ministry, as well as the launch of several e-services, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Attended by Awqaf Minister Wael Arabiyat and ICT Minister Majd Shweikeh, the ceremony saw the launch of the electronic permits system, the e-inspection system, the e-employment system and the signing of several agreements aiming to provide jobs to Jordanian youth, in addition to establishing an “excellence centre” in the Mafraq Development Zone.

Ghezawi said the e-services are part of the e-government’s programme to reduce time, effort and costs, while ensuring the secrecy of information.

The e-permits system aims to improve the customer experience by connecting the government and parties issuing permits to control the number of guest workers in all labour sectors. It also seeks to allow recipients to pay online, which also reduces paperwork, Ghezawi explained.

The e-inspection system is an information system built by the standards of the International Labour Organisation, to automate the inspection process in order to reduce the use of paper, the labour minister said, adding that the e-employment system aims to provide users with an online platform that gathers partners and providers of training services, as well as supporting and donor institutions.

The National Company for Employment and Training (NCET), the Labour Ministry and the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) also signed an agreement to develop the excellence centre for solar power at the NCET.

The project aims to provide the NCET with professionals capable of developing the excellence centre for solar power in Mafraq, 80km northeast of Amman, and provide a proper training environment to its employees.

The agreement was signed between project Director Mohammad Badran, Ghezawi and NCET’s Director General Brig. Gen. Ahmad Khalaileh. NCET and GIZ will cooperate with the concerned parties to implement the project.


Quelle/Source: The Jordan Times, 05.05.2017

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