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Comex 2017, the 27th edition of Oman’s prominent event for IT, Telecom and Technology this year will focus on ‘To Digital Life” that impacts the future of both business and personal spheres.

This seminal ICT (Information and Communications Technology) event is being held for the first time in Oman in collaboration with Smart City Summit-Oman, with a strategic partnership between the Smart Cities Council and the Information Technology Authority (ITA), as well as Oman Broadband and Omran.

“Information and Communications Technology is breaking new ground in terms of economic and social transformation, creating new networks and connections within both the public and private sectors. Access to services, enhancing connectivity and creating business opportunities, ICT plays a pivotal role in bringing individuals and organisations together.

This year, Comex focuses the spotlight on Oman’s digital society,uniting stakeholders from all walks of life involved in creating and developing the new digital economy,” said Tarek Ali, general manager, OITE Trade Fairs.

The ‘Future Tech Zone’ at Comex will be launched for the first time by ITA this year. Through this Zone, companies across ICT and related sectors will showcase demos for various products and solutions that promote the concept of smart cities, smart homes, smart living and smart work processes.

The new‘Incubation Centre’ will promote ITA’s SasProgramme designed for small and medium ICT businesses, entrepreneurs,graduates and students interested in starting new innovative ventures.

Comex‘Smart Talks’ will also provide a forum for both local and regional companies to share their ideas and solutions with industry colleagues and customers through interactive sessions.

Featuring participants from Oman and beyond, Comex aims to offer leading edge technology solutions, designed to unite and inspire ‘business to business’ and ‘business to consumer’ participation through three key zones—Comex Business, e.oman and Comex Shoppers.

The ‘e.oman pavilion’ at Comex will host a number of government entities promoting Oman’s digital transformation, showcasing e-Government initiatives, including specialised zones focused on ‘innovation,’ ‘future technologies,’ ‘eTransformation,’ ‘eLearning’ and ‘security.’Visitors can take advantage of the latest ICT solutions offered by trade exhibitors at ‘Comex Business’and enjoy the latest products on offer and the best possible deals on laptops, tablets and mobiles at ‘Comex Shoppers.’

With growth in urbanisation over the past decade, the public sector has been compelled to adopt advanced processes that support‘smart city development’ and foster safe and efficient delivery of services focused on sustainability and improved quality of life. Held under the theme ‘Empowering a Smart Nation,’ the Oman Smart City Summit will focus on the value created both economically and socially for its citizens through the adoption of smart city projects in the country.

“The Oman Smart City Summit recognises that smart cities are an important factor in driving change and fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors. The concept of a smart city is now well-recognised and involves modifying and transforming processes that lead to better communications, improved services and optimum ways to manage resources. The technology plays a central role in the area of distributing information and accessing services. Oman has recently been ranked first in the Mena region for Internet inclusiveness so the scope for smart cities has never been better,” Ali said.

Key sessions will include the development concept for a smart city, challenges faced in building smart cities, the role of smart cities in national and socio-economic growth, the importance of ‘public-private partnerships,’ the role of telecom operators, the ‘Internet of Things,’ the customer experience, global best practices and sustainability. Running in parallel, an exhibition with extensive meeting and networking opportunities will also be held to showcase best practices, new technologies and discuss business options with local and international decision makers.


Quelle/Source: Times of Oman, 11.03.2017

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