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Meet Sharjah's new superheroes: Viro, Unity, Noman, Tina and Captain. They are the characters in Sharjah eGovernment's updated augmented reality game called Sharjah Land, each playing a specific role.

Unveiled at the University of Sharjah on Wednesday, Sharjah Land, which was initially launched during Gitex in Dubai last year, is primarily aimed at children aged 9-12 years old. It will "instill positive values in the youth of the UAE by enabling players to interact with Sharjah Land's team of superheroes who work together to create a positive and fulfilling society," according to the Sharjah Department of eGovernment (DeG), which conceived and developed the app.

The app follows the narrative of Viro, Unity, Noman, Tina and Captain, who live in Sharjah Land, an interactive digital environment based on the contours, geography and features of Sharjah.

Each character has to use its unique set of powers to stop the influence of a robot, designed in the 1950s, which is trying to stop the land from developing and moving forwards.

Noor Ali Al Noman, director of DeG and creator of Sharjah Land, told Khaleej Times: "In Sharjah Land, Viro (Environment) is responsible for culture, history and the environment; (Transport) Tina enhances connectivity between its residents; Noman (Economan) seeks to achieve growth in its vital sectors: Unity (Community) strives to create the best models for education, health, and social services; and (Police) Captain is the protector of a bright, smart and sustainable future for their world."

Speaking to Khaleej Times, nine-year old Jenny, who plays Meera in the Sharjah Land instructional video, said: "With the help of the superheroes, we are trying to create an ideal world for kids like me. What do we want? We want a clean environment and a safe community."

"In the past seven months, since we initially launched the app, we have tested and improved the characters and the storyline of Sharjah Land" Al Nooman added.

"The game is about how we can make the children aware of what the government is doing and how they can be part of improving the government," Al Nooman added. "For example, if you ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up, they will answer: to be a doctor, engineer, policeman or government worker. This app is a chance for them to know how government works.

Al Nooman explained: "In the game, kids will enter (Sharjah Land) vortex where they will be given specific tasks by the superheroes. They will get coins (rewards) as soon as they finish the task."

According to Al Nooman, the game will initially make the kids aware of what the government is doing. The next step will be to send messages to kids in the real world on how to be responsible residents, such as telling them how to save water and electricity. The character Captain can also eventually receive actual reports of bullying which the Sharjah Police can look into.

"The new version of Sharjah Land further extends DeG's message on the importance of having a cohesive society based on strong core values," said Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, DeG director general of DeG.

"We are delighted to be able to introduce our new character Captain, who represents the Sharjah Police department and who works to uphold justice, team-working, courtesy, integrity, loyalty and social responsibility. Captain's mission is to work effectively towards enhancing the quality of life for everyone he meets in Sharjah Land," he added.

Sharjah Land is available both in Arabic and English and can be downloaded on iTunes and Android.

Who are Sharjah's new superheroes?

  • Viro - safeguards culture, history and the environment;
  • Tina - ensures connectivity between its residents
  • Noman - seeks to achieve growth in its vital sectors
  • Unity - strives to create the best models for education, health, and social services
  • Captain -protector of a bright, smart and sustainable future


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