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Adaptive Traffic Control System, waste processing plants also get approval

Municipal Corporation’s Finance & Contract Committee (F&CC) on Saturday gave its nod to various projects under the Smart City Mission, National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), Swachh Bharat Mission and other projects. The meeting headed by Mayor Balkar Singh Sandhu and MC Commissioner Shena Aggarwal was held at the Mayor’s camp office here.

MC’s Additional Commissioner Aaditya Dachalwal said the proposals regarding projects under the 15th Finance Commission, Swachh Bharat Mission, National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) and Smart City Mission were approved during the meeting.

Major projects

Mayor Balkar Singh Sandhu said the F&CC had approved the proposed project for trench-less rehabilitation of existing stormwater drains by standalone structural lining technology for the ABD area at an estimated cost of Rs 73.21 crore under the Smart City Mission.

The panel has approved the Adaptive Traffic Control System project for 42 important junctions of the city at an estimated cost of Rs 7.56 crore. The scope of the project will be the replacement of existing traffic lights with new brighter traffic lights as per the latest industry benchmarks along with the implementation of centralised Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS), controllers, traffic count cameras, junction boxes, network connectivity equipment, and others. The timings of traffic lights will be controlled automatically using lane-wise traffic counter cameras and Local Control Unit (LCU) connected with centralised system under the project.

The F&CC approved the proposed projects, including Automated material Recovery Facility Plant for processing 500 tonnes of dry waste (daily) and Bio-CNG plant of 200 TDP Municipal Organic Waste in Ludhiana.

It also approved a project at an estimated cost of Rs 3.89 crore under the Smart City Mission for the installation of the Security Surveillance System at the Ludhiana Court Complex, DC Office, CP, and associated areas has also been approved by the panel. A project for the greening of parks, open areas, community places, schools, and housing societies at an estimated cost of Rs 98.60 under the NCAP funds has been approved too. Besides, a proposal about reconditioning of road along the Buddha Nullah from Kundanpuri Bridge to Haibowal Bridge at an estimated cost of Rs 48.03 lakh has also been approved.

Senior Deputy Mayor Sham Sundar Malhotra said the proposal regarding World Bank-funded project had been approved. The proposals to purchase of machinery of different kinds had also been approved.

Meanwhile, Mayor Balkar Singh Sandhu said the development projects under councillor quota had been approved too. An official said the work orders for projects under the councillor quota would be issued as per the availability of the MC funds.

Many items not discussed

Main and supplementary agendas had around 400 items. However, a number of items could not be discussed by the MC’s Finance & Contract Committee on Saturday. Another meeting is likely to be called soon to hold a discussion on remaining proposals.


Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 21.01.2023

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