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T-SAT Nipuna channel will telecast content for competitive examinations

With the launch of T-SAT on Wednesday, the State government’s efforts at disseminating audio visual information for a varied audience, ranging from students to farmers, has taken a major step forward.

The T-SAT Vidya channel will cater to requirements of school and college students, besides providing content on distance education, whereas the T-SAT Nipuna channel will telecast content for competitive examinations, agriculture extension, rural development, tele-medicine, heath, safety and security, and e-governance.

Targeting youth who discontinued education as well, T-SAT plans to beam skill development programmes which will enable the youth to learn skills right at home and improve their livelihood opportunities.

The Society for Telangana State Network (SoFTNET) has focused on the agriculture sector too. It will invite agriculture experts to give lecturers in morning and evening, besides airing special programmes to provide solutions to problems faced by the farmers.

Earlier ManaTV channels had an outreach of 3,600 schools but now T-SAT under SoFTNET has a reach over 76 lakh homes in the State.

This apart, while there were 10,233 views and a watch time of 25,443 minutes on the YouTube channel of SoFTNET in July 2016, this increased to 12,760,526 views, 77,407,873 minutes of watch time and 57,410 viewers by July 2017.

R Shailesh Reddy, CEO, SoFTNET said not many students in the State were aware of the recruitment examinations conducted by the Staff Selection Commission, Railways, Union Public Service Commission among others. Citing a report of Staff Selection Commission, Reddy said in 2015-16, of the 51,000 jobs that were notified, only four per cent from the southern region of the country could crack it.

Reddy said from Class VIII, SoFTNET would prepare Telangana students for competitive examinations through T-SAT network. “When students complete their graduation, they will be ready for government recruitment examinations,” he said.


Quelle/Source: Telangana Today, 27.07.2017

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