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Aim is to bring about a system which cannot be breached or manipulated

The Chief Justice of India (CJI) JS Khehar on Wednesday inaugurated an integrated software aimed at digitising the judiciary to cut down on time and bring about transparency in the system.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Minister of Information Technology and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad attended the function held at Vigyan Bhavan, along with several Supreme Court judges, subordinate judges among others.

After introducing the 'Integrated Case Management Information System' of digital filing process in the court, the CJI revealed that he planned to digitise all 24 high courts in the country and slowly trickle down to the lower courts.

"I propose to take this system to all the High Courts and then to all the district courts. This means a litigant will file one case, insofar as the paper book is concerned," Chief Justice Khehar said.

"This is a process which will ensure an absolutely transparent system. A system which cannot be breached. A system where documents cannot be manipulated... And for doing this, we do not need to change any rules. This digitised process replaces the pleadings," he added.

While, the CJI listed the benefits of a 'paperless' judiciary, Prime Minister Modi was of the opinion that the mindset of our country should change. Digital India has been Modi's dream project, and this push towards entirely digital court is at par with it.

"Accepting technology can't happen if only some people are keen on it," Modi said. "The scale has to be larger. E-governance is easy, effective and economical. It is also environment friendly. Paperless offices will benefit the environment," Modi said.

The PM expressed his confidence in the combination of 'IT plus IT is equal to IT', that is 'Information Technology' and 'Indian Talent' is equal to 'India Tomorrow'. Elaborating on the possibilities that rapid change in technology could bring in our lives, the PM also spoke artificial intelligence and its implication.

Speaking on his app 'Bhim', the PM said, "Today technology is such that you can easily survive even if you do not have a single rupee in your pocket."

Also speaking at the event, Shankar, talked about how he planned to push India and make it a leader in the global digital world. The Law Minister then touched upon how the introduction of Aadhar had drastically cut down on corruption.

The new integrated system, which was originally supposed to be in place by May 1, will now be fully functional once the top court resumes work after summer vacations.

What it means

Under Integrated Case Management Info system a litigant will file only one case, insofar as the paper book is concerned.

The CJI moots that the system needs be taken to all HCs and district courts.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ritika Jain

Quelle/Source: Daily News & Analysis, 11.05.2017

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