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Kunwar Bahadur Pandey, father of a baby boy in Jabalpur, got his newborn’s Aadhaar Card made six minutes after his birth! This is the first time in India that an Aadhar card of a newborn baby has been made within a few minutes of his birth.

While Pandey’s wife was undergoing a Cesarean surgery at Elgin hospital in Jabalpur, the e-governance district in-charge Chitranshu Tripathi and his team were on a visit to the hospital to promote Aadhaar cards. They were having a discussion with Dr. Sunil Mishra at the hospital regarding spreading awareness among new parents about getting Aadhaar card for newborns.

During the discussion, the team got to know that Vandana Pandey, wife of Kunwar Bahadur Pandey, was admitted to the hospital to deliver a child. The team contacted the would-be-father who agreed to get his newborn’s Aadhaar card made when the baby was born.

The newborn’s Aadhaar card was associated with his father’s Aadhaar card as per norms. When it was time to enter the name of the child, his father replied that he should be named Pandey.

Since the number of Aadhaar cards made for children in the state is very less, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has instructed the authorities at the district level to visit the hospitals and issue Aadhaar cards for newborns. By doing so, the child’s birth will be registered in government records and the family can also take advantage of government schemes.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Pallavi Goel

Quelle/Source: TopYaps, 09.05.2017

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