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The Kolhapur Regional Transport Office (RTO) is going to update its present Vahan 1.0 web-based system of vehicle registration to Vahan 4.0 - the first step towards digitisation of registration from February 28.

The Kolhapur region comprises Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and Karad. All registration procedures take place manually and the office keeps all the records in paper form which is time consuming and requires lot of space. The Vahan 4.0 will be enabled with e-payments of taxes, fees, uploading of all scanned documents on a centralised server.

Giving information, regional transport officer DT Pawar said, "We will implement the Vahan 4.0 step by step. In the initial level, all payments of fees and taxes will be made through net-banking and 17 banks have been selected for this. In the next phase, all registration process will take place through the system without human interference."

The Automobile Dealers' Association of Kolhapur (ADAK) has welcomed the step. Vijay Patil, ADAK president, said, "A dealer collects documents like identity proof, pays the fees and taxes of customer and submits it to the RTO. Currently, it is being done manually and takes a lot of time. It also means additional work for transport office for keeping and maintaining records of registration documents."

He added, "This will reduce our work and we will be able to pay taxes and fees online along with uploading documents on the portal."

VAHAN is the flagship e-Governance application under National Transport Project, a Mission Mode Project initiated in year 2006. The purpose of the application was to automate the RTO operations related to Vehicle Registration, Permit, Taxation, Enforcement in the whole country. The project has achieved a many successes and crossed significant milestones in the past years.

In 2009, another major initiative was undertaken to consolidate the RTO data to State and Central levels in the form of State Registry (SR) and National Registry (NR) databases through periodic replication mechanism.

A number of national and state-level online applications is running on these consolidated databases.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Shekhar Paigude

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 25.02.2017

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