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From smart devices to electric vehicles, the success of technological advancements rely on municipal grids and infrastructure. Some cities are better equipped for the future than others.

A new analysis from the tech company ProptechOS ranks the top 10 American cities best positioned for a “smart city future.”

“But new technologies can only support us as much as the infrastructure and environment around us are built to facilitate it,” reads the report. “There are many ways to measure the digital infrastructure or ‘smartness’ of a city. And for this research, we have collated and aggregated various metrics in order to reveal which major cities in Europe and the USA are best prepared for a smarter future.”

Researchers weighed variables including the number of free WiFi hotspots, broadband download speed, airports, tech companies, and the number of tech jobs, 5G towers, vehicle charging points and green buildings.

The top 10 ranked cities can be found in the gallery above.

The top American cities with the most tech jobs per 10,000 people are:

Minneapolis, Minn., at 62.8; Oakland, Calif., 62.8; Washington, Wash., 62.8; Aurora, Colo., 62.5; San Francisco, Calif., 60.4; Arlington, Tx., 60.1; Long Beach, Calif., 60.1; Seattle, Wash., 59; Atlanta, Ga., 57.6; Omaha, Neb., 57.6.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Andy Castillo

Quelle/Source: American City and County, 01.02.2023

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