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Arup and Matidor are partnering to create smart city tools that enable cities to model urban planning scenarios and calculate energy efficiency in real time

Built environment consulting firm Arup is partnering with geographic information systems (GIS) start-up Matidor to co-create smart city modelling tools for energy optimisation.

Matidor’s map-based project management capabilities will be combined with Arup’s digital and sustainability expertise and experience in energy efficiency modelling and planning.

Calculating energy efficiency

The aim is to enable civil engineers to model multiple urban planning scenarios and calculate and optimise the energy efficiency in real-time, so that the best-performing model can be developed to achieve maximum environmental impact.

Backed by the US technology accelerator, Y-Combinator, Matidor offers a one-stop-shop platform for users who need to see what is happening with their built environment projects on a live map.

All Matidor users – including municipalities, engineering firms, and clean energy producers – can see their projects laid out clearly on a map with the ability to zoom in to each project for easy access to all the details such as site drawings, costs, and tasks.

Users can exchange messages on the web-based platform, without having to send separate emails, and they can update data instantly without having to maintain spreadsheets or input time-consuming calculations.

“The need for digital innovations in the civil engineering industry, especially around smart city planning, is becoming ever more apparent,” said Vincent Lam, co-founder and CEO of Matidor. “Municipalities and property developers constantly seek smarter ways to plan and collaborate on clean community development projects. Yet, outdated modelling mechanisms have been hindering the advancement in this area.

“Partnering with Arup allows Matidor to leverage our intuitive GIS project management platform and Arup’s subject matter expertise to enable a real-time energy modelling system. The result will save thousands of hours for civil engineering organisations when planning and developing environmentally friendly communities.”

Rebecca Birmingham, Americas Ventures Lead, Arup, added: “As part of our commitment to furthering sustainable outcomes for the built environment, Arup is pleased to support the development of a new technology to make it easier for both start-ups and established firms to track their climate action progress, as more companies integrate sustainability objectives into their project management systems.”

Arup provides end-to-end climate risk, resiliency, and sustainability services to a wide range of organisations, businesses, and projects across the world.


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 26.08.2022

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