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As the March 2017 property tax payment cycle draws near, Peggy VandenBerg, Monroe County Treasurer and Chairperson of the Iowa County Treasurer’s E-Government Alliance Board (ICTEA) would like to pass along some new enhancements to the www.iowatreasurers.org website.

ICTEA is a non-profit organization that includes 88 Iowa Counties, whose mission is to offer a user friendly website that benefits Iowa citizens. The www.iowatreasurers.org website is a multi-functional, state-of-the-art web application that uses the most advanced technology to allow users to research, view and pay property taxes, and vehicle registrations online. The site was developed and designed in a cooperative effort between ICTEA and GovTech Services. GovTech Services is a privately held, Clive, Ia., based software company specializing in payment processing, escrow processing, platform development for government and educational entities.

“These amazing new updates will simplify the process of paying taxes online, setting up monthly payments and paying tax sale certificates. It will give users an additional reminder when tax due dates are approaching,” said VandenBerg. “These types of enhancements show the continued commitment ICTEA has to our consumers and our taxpayers.”

One of the easiest options is Monroe County property owners now have the ability to sign up to receive an email reminder when it is time to pay property taxes. This is sent out the first week of March and September each year as a reminder that it is time to pay property taxes. Once you sign up and decide you don’t want to receive the email any longer, you do have the ability to unsubscribe from the email list.

Property owners also have the ability to set up scheduled/recurring property tax payments. For those property owners that do not have an escrow account with their lender or who do not have a mortgage on their property, this new option could be very beneficial. This option allows you to set up monthly payments for a set dollar amount or you can allow the system to divide your payments equally based on the total amount of property taxes still due. You are subject to a service fee based on the type of payment that you choose. If you choose e-check as an option the fee is $.40 per payment. Credit card fees are slightly higher—they are 2.25 percent plus $1.50 per payment based on the amount you pay. (Example: if you paid $100 and used e-check your payment would be $100.40—if you used a credit card it would be $103.75). There is a tutorial for scheduled/recurring payments available at http://govtechservices.com/instructionalvideos.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Peggy VandenBerg

Quelle/Source: Albia Newspapers, 03.02.2017

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